Be A Catalyst Instead of a Co-founder

Long ago in a distant land, I, Sigidli, QWERTY ASDFGH ZXCVBN, was wondering who I would co-found with. Who I would bring on after that. What would the company look like decades after? Where I would go to get these answers.

Right there and then something I learned while reading about Chemistry came into mind:


Chemistry class had us using a catalyst to speed up chemical reactions.

I was reminded that I would need a Catalyst to get Sigidli to it's desired state.

Since, a catalyst can be introduced at any point in a chemical reaction for our analogy it becomes evident that a catalyst doesn't only need to be a founder, but it can also be every hire after that point.

Basically a catalyst could be anyone who believes they can accelerate the organization or operation in the direction that it needs to go.


Catalyst, in chemistry, any substance that increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed.

This definition is the approach that will be followed when personnel are conducting operations in the organization.

The goal of each person in the organization should be to increase the probability of achieving the desired result (organizational success) without the members of the organization being consumed in the process.

The other problem an organization has to deal with is all the challenges that come from the unknowable and unforeseeable future. the word Catalyst highlights that at certain points there will be new additions/subtractions to the composition of the organization that will allow it to reach the next desired state. Especially if all the existing inputs are not sufficient to get to the next desired state in a satisfactory manner (without deteriorating personnel).


It is quite easy for a small business to operate in such a manner that a small business owner ends up burnt out in the process. Burnout could be the complete or partial deterioration of a persons physical, mental, or financial health.

Burnout isn't only limited to a persons health, but it also extends to their relationships as well. Where time which can be spent with friends and family becomes sacrificed so that the organization has a chance at success.

Hopefully attempting to function as a catalyst will limit the occurrence of burnout actually happening when working on Sigidli (and it's many projects).

What Catalyst Reads

The following selection of literature is recommended (required) reading for any catalysts working on the Sigidli projects. These books were selected so that catalysts can have a shared vocabulary when talking with each other.

The Bitcoin Standard

Sigidli might be building technology that is specifically meant to operating in a world with a decentralized alternative to central banking.

The Fiat Standard

Sigidli is currently building technology in the fiat world. A catalyst would probably be more effective if they know "Fiat Fu".

Human Action

Human Action is by far my favourite economics book. It has introduced me to an extensive vocabulary that can be used to share and discuss so many different ideas.

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