Approaching Business Like It's Pregnancy


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While working on Content Connectopen in new window I was faced a number of challenge. The first challenge was basically getting myself to do things. The things in the early primarily being writing code. Initially I would position myself in front of my laptop and attempt churn out code for months. When I had difficulty churning out code I would just prepare a cup of coffee and position myself in front of the laptop again and code would start churning out.

The hurdle that I came across after months of churning out code was But as soon as I had pretty much completed most of the coding tasks I didn't know how to do what I knew I had to do next. I knew I had to context switch but due to how the context I was switching into had nothing to do with coding I was



In the same way that a pregnancy is tracked on a weekly basis a businesses development can and should be tracked in a weekly basis. With each passing week in a pregnancy certain developments are expected. And if at a certain week something that should've developed hasn't developed counter measures can be explored and applied where possible.

One of the benefits of the pregnancy-monitoring phase in business is that it highlights the need to have weekly developments. Not be stuck on having the same state as the previous week. This is benefitial even in a setting where the business is a first of it's kind venture for the business operators (who might not know what type of developments should be expected at a certain point). So business operators can just use the development they had last week as a foundation for the new development they should see this week. If no new developments are seen then countermeasures should be explored.


Birth is the point where the baby finally gets evicted from the mothers body. And it is effectively where one of the earliest test for autonous life can be applied. The test of the baby crying (which I think indicates that air is going through a babies lungs?).

After birth crying is important is it will also be used as an alarm for attention/care in the infancy stage.


After a healthy baby is born they are now ready to go through the stage of infancy like a boss. Digesting food by themselves (if it is digestable) and crying out for the things they want. The parents job is still not done as the parent will need to track that the baby is putting on weight. For a business this would be making sure the business is growing (gaining new customers or serving more business).

As is the practice if the parent discovers that the baby isn't gaining more weight counter measures can be appled.

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